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Bee-Loved Words


Language Arts  



Title – Bee-Loved Words
By – Brooke Porter
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 5th

Texas Essential Knowledge Skills:

    L.A.2C – produce analogies with known antonyms and synonyms

Student Learning Objectives:

  1. List 10 synonyms for a common word in 15 minutes
  2. Work together to brainstorm ideas in a limited amount of time
  3. Use examples in future writing assignments


“I Went Out”


Materials needed:

  • For each student group (5 groups):
    • 5 bee body cut-outs
    • 10 heart cut-outs (bee’s wings)
    • 5 index cards
    • 5 brainstorming papers (notebook paper)
    • 5 black markers
    • 5 glue sticks
  • For teacher:
    • 1 bee body cut-out
    • 2 heart cut-outs
    • example of finished bee cut-out (made from materials above)

Teacher Pre-Activity:

  • Make bee body and heart graphics
  • Print copies of graphics (6 bee bodies/12 hearts)
  • Cut out the graphics
  • Make finished bee example with words on it (see below)
  • Assemble other materials
  • Write different common words on the index cards


  • Write three sentences on the board with commonly used words
  • Ask students for ways they could improve the sentences by making a better word choice

Learning Experiences:

  1. Gain the attention of the class
    • Write sentences using common key words on the board
    • Ask students for ways they could improve each sentence with a “better word”
  2. Show finished example “Bee” with the word “WENT” on its body and five “better words” to replace “went” written on the heart-shaped wings attached to the bee body (see above)
  3. Place students in groups.
    • Ask a student from each group to get two hearts and one of each of the remaining materials
  4. Give fifteen minutes for brainstorming
    • Tell students to use their sheet of notebook paper to write down “synonyms” of the word
    • Each student must give two words that can replace the word on their index card
    • The teacher goes around spell checking words during brainstorming
  5. After the fifteen minutes are up, each group shares the word on their notecard and five of the words they came up with while brainstorming
  6. Once their words have been spell checked, they may begin their “Synonym Bee”
    • The students use the black marker to write the index card word on the bee’s back
    • The students place the two hearts sideways with the tips facing each other on the inside.
    • They then write five of the “improved words” from the brainstorming list on the hearts
  7. The students will then glue the heart wings to the bee’s back
    • The students put glue on the tips of the hearts (side without writing)
    • The students then press the glued heart tips onto the bee’s back as they were positioned, taking care not to cover up the index card word


  • Each group presents their bee to the class
  • Each bee will be hung up in the room
  • The students will be reminded to use these words in their next writing assignment

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