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Environmental Injustice Unit – Lesson 2


Language Arts, Science, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Environmental Injustice Unit – Reporting the Facts, Lesson 2 – PowerPoint Presentation
By – Lisa Bachman
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – 6-8

Reporting Environmental Injustice Unit Contents:


Utilizing an interactive PowerPoint, the teacher will first divide the students up into groups and then work through the PowerPoint with the students.


Language Arts Benchmark W.PS.08.01: Exhibit personal style and voice to enhance the written message in both narrative (e.g. personification, humor, element of surprise) and informational writing (e.g. motivational appeal, strong opinion, credible support).

Technology Benchmark:

Create a project (e.g. presentation, web page, newsletter, information brochure) using a variety of media and formats (e.g. graphs, charts, audio, graphics, video) to present content information to the audience.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Computer with PowerPoint capabilities
  • Screen
  • Paper and pencils for students to answer the questions that will be asked throughout the PowerPoint.

Development of Lesson:


  • The teacher will begin the lesson by informing the students that the class will continue learning about Environmental Injustice.
  • Students will be divided into groups in order to work together to answer some of the questions that will be found within the PowerPoint.
  • The teacher will act as the facilitator of the PowerPoint and encourage discussion throughout the presentation.


The teacher as well as the students will work together with the teacher encouraging discussion as they view the PowerPoint.

Click Here to
the PowerPoint


    The teacher can gather the answers that were completed by each group and either provide a letter grade or just a check for completion.


  • Ask the students what they learned from viewing the PowerPoint.
  • How did they feel about the photos that they viewed in the PowerPoint?
  • Any additional comments or questions can be taken at this time.

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