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Enviromental Injustice Unit


Language Arts, Science, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Environmental Injustice Unit – Reporting the Facts.
Lesson 5 – Classroom Presentation
By – Lisa Bachman
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Science, Social Studies
Grade Level – 6-8

Reporting Environmental Injustice Unit Contents:


Each group will present either their video or their PowerPoint presentation to their peers in class.


Language Arts Benchmark W.PS.08.01: Exhibit personal style and voice to enhance the written message in both narrative (e.g. personification, humor, element of surprise) and informational writing (e.g. motivational appeal, strong opinion, credible support).

Technology Benchmark:

Create a project (e.g. presentation, web page, newsletter, information brochure) using a variety of media and formats (e.g. graphs, charts, audio, graphics, video) to present content information to the audience.

Learning Resources and Materials:

  • Video and/or DVD Player
  • Computer with PowerPoint capabilities

Development of Lesson:


Students will be given a total of 15 minutes to present their project on Environmental Injustice. PowerPoint presentations may take a bit longer so flexibility of time limits should be considered. The teacher should also allow a question and answer period so that their peers can ask questions of each group.


Students will present their projects in class.


The full rubric that was created on the WebQuest will be utilized to evaluate each project presented:



      Provide positive feedback regarding the projects that were presented in class. Allow students to reflect on the assignment and offer praise to their peers for their projects. Explain the importance of speaking up and speaking out when faced with community concerns that can hurt others in the community.

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