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A Ghost Story


Language Arts  


11, 12  

Title – A Ghost Story
By – Melanie Marchand
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 11-12
A Ghost Story – Lesson 2

Short Story Unit Contents:

Purpose ~ To familiarise students with the central and defining elements of the short story, through application.

Objectives ~ Upon completion of this lesson students will have:
1. Read “A Ghost Story” by Mark Twain;
2. Discussed the short story;
3. Demonstrated an understanding of the central elements of the short story, and be able to point them out;

Activities/Procedures ~
1. As a class we will read aloud Mark Twain’s “A Ghost Story”. Students may either volunteer to read parts, or I will read the story to the class. (Create a mood, dim the lights, pull the curtains, perhaps play some dreary music in the background.)
2. Following reading the story the class will then discuss “A Ghost Story”. Was it scary, suspenseful, and exciting? Who was the narrator? Where did the events take place? Etc.
3. Next I will refer to the handout of the elements of a short story. The class will then break into groups, in which they will use the handout to find the elements of “A Ghost Story”.
4. Each group will then have the opportunity to discuss their results, and support them with parts of the story. At this time I will address any further questions that arise.

Homework: Students will be asked to right one additional paragraph that might be added to “A Ghost Story”, either in the beginning, middle, or end. The paragraph must alter one of the elements of the story in some way. This will be handed in next class.

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