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Sight Words


Language Arts  



Title – Sight Words
By – Carolyn Murray
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1st

“Sight Words” Lesson Plan

I. Content:

Through a series of activities, the students will learn the sight word “BIG”.

II. Objectives:

The students will be able to say, spell, identify and define the word “big”.

III. Instructional Procedures:

A. Lesson Initiating Activity:

1. The students will describe and compare the BIG and small items provided by the teacher. (Items such as big and little books, big and little stuffed animals)

2. The students will have a 3″ x 5″ card with the word “big” written on it.

3. The students will spell the word with the teacher.

4. The students will trace the letters with their fingers, spelling it as they go along.

B. Core Activity:

1. The students will be introduced to the Big Book titled, “The Big, Big Man” by Phyllis Bartell.

2. The students will be instructed to raise their cards (with the word “big” on it) above their heads every time they hear the word “big” mentioned in the story. Practice a few times with the students before reading the story.

3. After the story the students will be asked to take out their coloring materials (markers, crayons, pencils, etc.)

4. Students will be given a sheet that reads, ” ________ is big”.

5. The students will be asked to think of something that is big. The students will draw that something that is big on the sheet of paper.

6. The students will write the word of the something that is big on the line. Teacher and aides should be available for students to help them sound out the words.

C. Closure Activity:

1. Students will share their artwork and “big” items.

2. Student pictures will then be displayed on the “Young Artists” wall.

IV. Materials:

· big and little items to compare
· 3″ x 5″ index cards with the word “big” on it, one for each student
· “The Big, Big Man” book by Phyllis Bartel
· Coloring/Drawing Materials (crayons, markers, pencils, etc.)
· “___________ is big” coloring sheets, one for each student
· Items for Big Book creation (oak tag, brads, glue, etc.)
· Review Worksheet, one for each student

V. Assessment/Evaluation:

1. Students will be assessed at the end of the week. Review sheet will be handed out asking students to identify write and color a picture for the following sight words:

Big Little Short Tall

VI. Follow-up Activity:

1. Students’ pictures will be removed after a certain time period and collectively placed into a “BIG” book for the classroom to read and share.

2. Students will be asked to identify 3 things at home that are big and 3 things that are small.

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