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This Spanish idea has a couple of different activites


Language Arts  


7, 8, 9, 10  

Title – Spanish
By – rob ambrose
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 7-10

1. Teach the numbers in Spanish 0-100.
2. Have the pupils create their own bingo charts. For example, 6 boxes down and 6 boxes across creates a bingo chart = 36 boxes. Students must randomly assign a number 0-100 in each box. One box is a free space, which is called Gratis (free).
3. Teacher calls out numbers randomly 0-100.
4. When a student looks at his/her bongo chart and sees a number that has just been called, students marks an X through that box.
5. Six in a row, of course, is bingo. The kid says “La Loteria.” (That’s bingo in Spanish)
6. Teacher asks student to say aloud his/her winning numbers.

It’s a listening speaking exercise.

Also, teach students vocabulary. Then, they study it.
Loan students three different index cards — different because each of three has a different color. One might be a blue, one a white and one an orange card. (No more than three colors)
Instructor asks “If Such and such a word means X, raise your blue card; but if such and such word means blah, blah, raise your white card.

Basically, three choices per question. Teacher gives the signal and students are to raise their cards to answer.

If some miss the answer, just go over what it means.

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