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Teaching ‘estar’ with the family


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Teaching ‘Estar’ with the Family
By – Violeta Castañeda López
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 9-12
Subject: Beginning Spanish

Goals: For the student to gain more vocabulary in order to increase communication abilities.

Rationale: A topic that students can relate to, family, creates a context with which to learn grammar and vocabulary.


      The Student Will Be Able To (TSWBAT) use adjectives to describe people
      TSWBAT use the names of different family members
    TSWBAT conjugate “estar” and state its uses

Time Required: 30 minutes

Materials: White Board

Set/Introduction: Ask students to briefly describe their families in order to come up with names of family members.

Procedures: A family tree written on the board will have the names of family members in Spanish that will be gone through and said as a class. Then possessive adjectives will be introduced and a clarification of their use and meaning given. Be sure to explain the different meanings of ‘su’ which are clarified by context as well. The point that the number and gender of the possessive adjective match what is possessed and not the possessor should also be made explicit. The changing forms of adjectives for gender (o,a) and number (s) will also be explained. A list of adjectives is given to the students. The students will break up into pairs and fill out a worksheet practicing use of adjectives. Finally, an explanation of “estar” is done. First, the definition of the verb is given and when it is to be used. After this, examples are given to show how the verb is used incorrectly instead of ser and then how it is used correctly.

Guided Practice: Students fill out Ejercisio 2, which practices estar, and then it’s reviewed by the whole group. With the help of the teacher, a paragraph is created by the class that includes practice with the different adjectives and forms of estar.

Assessment/Evaluation: Done through completion of worksheet and the homework.

Homework: Students will write a paragraph of at least six sentences describing their family using adjectives, possessive adjectives and the verb estar.


Ejercisio 1 Adjetivos

      Imagine you are looking at a photo album with a friend and you are describing the people in the pictures.
    Es ____ (my) tía Lucía. Ella es muy bonit __. Ellos son _____ (my) abuelos en ___ (their) casa. Son cariños___. Aquí _____ (my) primas y yo estamos en ______ (our) escuela. Ellas son divertid__ y amabl__. ____ (their) padre es ___ (my) tío favorite.

Ejercisio 2 Estar

      Pretend you are telling a friend about your family.
      Vosotras _______ ocupadas en Lynchburg. Mi abuela _____ en Idaho y enferma . Mi tío Victor y mi tía Graciela _____ contentos en Montana. Su hijo unico, mi primo, y yo ______ tristes en la Universidad de Michigan.
    Mi familia

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