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The book “Rosie’s Walk” is used here to teach basic spatial awareness vocabulary to speech and language impaired children


Language Arts  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Spatial Concepts
By – Amanda Thalman
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – K-2 Special Education

Introductions: This basic spatial concepts lesson is designed for speech and language impaired elementary school children in a small group instruction setting. This lesson is designed to be given over one 30-minute session. Procedure:

      I. The book

Rosie’s Walk

      by Pat Hutchins will be read to the small group as it depicts basic concepts such as in, out, under, over, and through. It has wonderful illustrations, and is entertaining as Rosie leads a fox through a farm and into disaster. Each spatial concept will be highlighted for the children as they are shown the pictures that depict the given concept.
      II. After the story is complete, the children will be given manipulatives to show the concepts discussed in the book. Small farm animals would be perfect, along with small baskets or boxes. The children will then be given directions to evaluate their receptive understanding of the concepts. For example, “place the pig in the basket” or “put the sheep under the box”. If they are having difficulty, they will be shown pictures from

Rosie’s Walk

      to help them follow the direction.
    III. Once all of the concepts have been addressed in this manner, expressive understanding of the concepts will be probed. The children will be asked to close their eyes as the instructor takes the animals and hides them around the room. Objects will be placed in, on, under, and next to other items in the room (i.e. under the table, on the desk, next to a book, etc.). After all of the objects have been “hidden,” the students will take turns finding the objects and expressively explain where they found them using the appropriate spatial concept. If they are having difficulty using a specific concept, they will be given choices of answers to assist them.

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