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A fun Spelling lesson called Spelling Battleship


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5, 6  


   Spelling Battleship
Grades 3-6
by Alisha Gilkison

Objective: The students will practice spelling vocabulary, make use of a grid, and develop a positive attitude toward learning.

Materials: A makeshift battleship gameboard. A-E/1-6

Procedure: Have each student pick a given number of spelling words from the list and write them arbitrarily on the battleship grid. They must have a partner for this game. The first player guesses a coordinate. For example, B-2. If there is a word in that box the second player tells them the word. The first player must spell it correctly to gain a point. If the first player does not spell it correctly, he/she does not get the point and loses the turn. However, they may guess the coordinate again. The first student to get all the words spelled correctly wins.

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