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A lesson on Spelling simply entitled Sparkle


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

   Language Arts

AUTHOR: Terry Sayre, Tigard, OR

OVERVIEW: Student will play a game that challenges their spelling skills.

   OBJECTIVES: The student will
a. practice their spelling vocabulary.
b. develop a positive attitude towards learning.
c. practice their listening skills.

RESOURCES/MATERIALS: One copy of students spelling list, an area large enough for the whole class to stand in a circle.


1. Have the class form a large circle in an open area. Ask them to stay standing.

3. Tell the students that you are going to give them a spelling word and that it is very important for them to pay attention.

4. Say a spelling word, e.g. “sphere”.

5. The first person will say the word “sphere.”

6. The next student will say the first letter of the word, “s”. If a student misspells the word, they have to sit down.

7. Have students go around the circle, spelling out the word “sphere”.

8. Once the all of the letters have been correctly spelled out, the next student says the whole word.

9. The next person in the circle says “sparkle” and the person after them sits down.

10. Start the game over when their are only a few students left standing. Warning!!! This game can become very popular!!


Ask students what they liked about the game or what could be improved to make it more fun for the whole class.




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