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Students will write Haiku Poetry and Create a Picture for their State in this lesson


Art, Language Arts, Social Studies  


4, 5  

Title – Florida Haiku (or any state)

By – Carolyn Murray

Subject – Language Arts, Social Studies, Art

Grade Level – 4-5

Lesson Plan

F-L-O-R-I-D-A Haiku


Students will create Haiku poems about the state of Florida and place their poems on pictures of something resembling their poem. Haiku poems are made of 3 lines where the first and third lines consist of 5 syllables and the second line 7 syllables.

ESOL students will be able to perform all of the preceding areas of content using any type of media to express their haiku. Students can rely on anything learned to date about the state of Florida.


Students will:

. brainstorm ideas for Haiku poem

. write a Haiku

. create a picture that represents their Haiku


Lesson Initiating Activity

Students will brainstorm ideas for their Haiku using all the materials gathered throughout the room or from other activities. Teacher will model gathering of ideas through semantic webbing/mapping (B6) or Venn Diagram’s (B8) to help students organize their ideas. Students will be given time to organize ideas and start putting them on paper.

ESOL students will be expected to put their thoughts down on paper in writing. When they meet with their peer editor, they will help the student’s if needed.

Core Activities

Students will get with a peer editor (C1) to review their Haiku. Students will read their papers to each other and ask for constructive criticism (C2). The peer editor is to make sure the student follows the rules of a Haiku.

After sitting with the peer editor, students will create a picture that represents their theme of the Haiku. They will draw, color, use pictures from old magazines, etc. to make a picture representative of the theme.

ESOL students can create anything reminiscent of their traditions in the state or something that they remember about the state of Florida.

Closure Activity

Students share their projects with the class.


. Art supplies like paper, markers, glue, construction paper, yarn, old magazines, scissors, etc.

. Paper

. Pens and or pencils

. Pictures and pamphlets from the field trip to the everglades


1. Constant observation of individuals and groups during activities (G10)

2. Overall Graphic Representation or Project (G5)

3. Check Haiku to make sure the requirements are met.


Student’s projects will be placed on the HUGE state of Florida bulletin board or outside the room on the wall or around the room.




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