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Here students make a PowerPoint on the history, art, literature, and culture of a Spanish-speaking country


Art, Computers & Internet, Language Arts, Social Studies  


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Integrating History, Art, Literature, and Culture in the Spanish Classroom
By – Loretta McCarthy
Primary Subject РSocial Studies, Music, Art, Language Arts, Other, Computers / Internet 
Secondary Subjects Р 
Grade Level – 7-12

Objectives: TLW

      1. use computer technology in the Spanish classroom.

      2. implement interdisciplinary studies: Spanish-speaking countries & research projects.

      3. create PowerPoint presentations with the information gathered about your Spanish-speaking country.

      4. integrate history, art, literature, and culture in the Spanish classroom [goal].


  • I asked my students to take out their student planners, turn to the maps of the world, and pick out a Spanish-speaking country for their research project.
  • I directed them to get into groups of four — each student choosing one area to research individually. For those students who elected to work by themselves, they would be responsible for all four areas. If they elected to work with a partner (2 people), they would each be responsible for two areas.
  • After the students picked out their country; they organized themselves into groups and we proceeded to the Library Reference Room where the librarian went over the ground rules with them: one student to the encyclopedias, two to the books, and one to the computer. Since we couldn’t print the information from the computer, students had to write the website addresses on their paper. They also had to take notes from the encyclopedias and books for their presentations (PowerPoint).
  • As they were working in their groups, I walked around and helped as needed… becoming more of a facilitator in the student-centered learning process.
  • Students can gather information in English or Spanish; however, the final presentation must be in Spanish.
  • The rubrics have been reworked and given different weights for each category…


      1. Library — encyclopedias, printed materials, computers

      2. Computer lab — computers, floppy disks/CD-RW [students had to supply their own].

    3. Big 6 Organizer — essential questions and students organized the information they found about their country — web sites & printed materials.


      1. All students on computer and engaged in creating PowerPoint presentations on a country of their choice.

      2. Integration of research & computer skills.

      3. Students are self-directed in working on their individual projects.

    4. Teacher models and motivates students to use the Spanish language to enrich the study of foreign language.

Assessment & Evaluation:

    1. Comments: Students will be using this rubric to complete their project using library references and the computer to answer questions on their worksheets.

Unit Plan Title: Integrating History, Art, Culture, and Literature in the Spanish classroom.

Curriculum-Framing Question (6):

Essential Question:

    1. How has Spanish art, history, culture and literature influenced our lives?

Unit Questions:

      2. How is Spain different from the other Spanish-speaking countries, including the United States?

      3. What was the main cause of the Spanish Civil War and how was this different from the American Civil War?

    4. Name two famous people, during the Spanish Civil War, who lent their talents to the Spanish cause.

Content Questions:

      5. What are the names of the King and Queen of Spain? 6. Compare and contrast your family tree to that of the Spanish royal family of Juan Carlos.
    Unit summary: How cultures adopt, often in altered forms, aspects and traditions of other cultures. TLW discuss how one culture can influence another: discuss celebrations; identify family members/family trees. TLW identify one of the principal artists of the Spanish world along with his/her work: correlate Spanish history to Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”.

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