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A Lesson on Letter Writing – Topics Related to Students’ Community


Language Arts, Social Studies  


3, 4  

Title – A lesson on letter writing
By – Christine Silvestri
Subject – Language Arts, Social Studies
Grade Level – 3-4
Instructional Plan #6

Title: Community Letter

Grade Level: Third

Organization: Individual, Small group


The children will be able to:

  • Enhance listening skills during a read-aloud.
  • Enhance writing skills by writing skills by a letter to a character in a related literature source about people, places, and things within their community.
  • Participate in small group discussion by orally presenting their letter to the people in their group.


  • Book: My New York
  • Final Draft Stationary
  • Pencil and Paper



  1. Read My New York. (A girl named Becky writes a letter to her friend, telling her all favorite places in her community.)
  2. Discuss with the children that they are going to write a letter to Becky about all their favorite places in their community. Write their responses on the board.

Developmental Activities:

  1. Pass out paper (used for rough draft).
  2. Explain and model how to write a letter on he board.
  3. Have the children write a rough draft of their letter, using the ideas listed on the board.
  4. Have students swap letters with a partner and proofread each other’s letters.
  5. Pass out final draft stationary.
  6. Have the children rewrite their revised letters.


  1. Divide children into groups of four and read their letter to one another.
  2. Display letters on unit bulletin board.


Inclusion students will work with teacher on letter and revision process.



  • Did students participate in discussion?
  • Did they work well with each other during the revision process and group share?
  • Review letters. Check for grammatical and spelling mistakes and for proper sentence structure.


  • Were all the children listening during the read-a-loud?
  • Did I effectively model the letter writing process?

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