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Writing About The Holocaust, Connections


Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – Writing About The Holocaust, Connections
By – Kristy Brooten
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 6
Writing About The Holocaust Thematic Unit Contents:

Writing About the Holocaust
A Unit for Sixth Grade Language Arts

Kristy Brooten
Integrated Language Arts

The Holocaust: A Thematic Unit

The Upstairs Room by Johanna Reiss; The Journey Back by Johanna Reiss; Anna is Still Here by Ida Vos; Number the Stars by Lois Lowry; A Way Through the Sea by Robert Elmer; Daniel’s Story by Carol Matas; Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary by Ruud van der Rol and Rian Verhoeven; .I never saw another butterfly. edited by Hana Volavkova; The Number on My Grandfather’s Arm by David A. Adler; Tell Them We Remember: The Story of the Holocaust by Susan D. Bachrach; Good Yontif: A Picture Book of the Jewish Year by Rose Blue; “The Poisonous Mushroom” by Julius Streicher; The Holocaust: A Scholastic Curriculum Guide by Marcia K. Miller

          Write a research report or informational book on a topic related to the Holocaust
          Write a story about someone involved in/an event of the Holocaust
          Write a friendly letter, business letter and/or editorial persuading someone or some group to agree with your view on a Holocaust topic
          Write a poem from the view of either a person involved in the Holocaust or a person today reacting to the past
          Keep a Holocaust journal containing things you’ve learned about the Holocaust and your personal/emotional reactions (OR keep class “Feelings File,” file of index cards on which students can record emotional responses and view the responses of others)

          World War II: Hitler and the Third Reich, roots of anti-Semitism
          German/European history
          American involvement in WW II and the Holocaust
          Persecution of Jews in other times in history
          Persecution of other peoples past and present
          Key historical figures of Holocaust

          The countries taken over by Hitler
          Location of concentration camps

          Words for word wall: anti-Semitism, Aryan, fuhrer, ghetto, Nazi, occupation, propaganda, racism, Third Reich, swastika, pogrom, intimidate, Gentile, the underground, etc.

          Listen to and analyze music of Holocaust/Holocaust remembrance (Yiddish songs recorded for film Schindler’s List; Gorecki’s Symphony No. 3, “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs;” Bernstein’s “Kaddish” (Prayer for the Dead)

          Create Holocaust memorial sculpture, mural or other art form
          Analyze art of children of concentration camps

          View Nazi propaganda (The Poisonous Mushroom) and analyze effectiveness
          Create slogans and ads to promote opposite beliefs of Holocaust

Biblical worldview:
          Respond to events of Holocaust in light of biblical worldview
          Respond to Hitler’s belief that he was doing God’s work
          Research/read stories of Christians who stood for what was right on the Holocaust (‘righteous Gentiles”); how are they an example for us today?

          As class, interview someone involved in Holocaust. Write a story, poem or newspaper article about his/her experience (submit to school/local newspaper)

          Read books, stories, articles, and poems about the Holocaust

          Interpret meaning of euphemisms used by Nazis to describe the Holocaust

Field Trip:
          Visit Holocaust Museum in Washington DC

Explore the web sites below to learn more about the Holocaust.

Holocaust Timeline
Web Address:

In the site below, investigate the timeline to find out how the Holocaust fits into the overall events of World War II.
World War II Timeline in Europe
Web Address:

What have you learned about the Holocaust? What questions have been raised in your mind? How does what you learned make you feel? Record your questions and thoughts in your Holocaust Journal.

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