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Writing About The Holocaust, Thesis Worksheet


Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – Writing About The Holocaust, Thesis Worksheet
By – Kristy Brooten
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 6
Writing About The Holocaust Thematic Unit Contents:

Writing Your Thesis Statement

To create a thesis statement for your own research report, think about your research and your main idea.

1. My paper’s main idea is:

2. Some of the most important ideas I learned in my research are:

Review the approaches listed below. Which approaches would work best with your topic? Pick two of them. (If you are writing about a current problem, you might want to pick “point out a cause and effect relationship” and “define something.” If you are writing about famous works of art, you might select “compare and contrast” and “classification.”) Then write two thesis statements – one for each selected approach. Read the two thesis statements carefully. Which one expresses what you most want to say about your topic? Circle that statement.

– Explain how something works, using a step-by-step process.
– Compare and contrast people, events, or ideas.
– Define something.
– Classify by dividing things into groups with common characteristics.
– Point out a cause-and-effect relationship.

3. Thesis statement one:

4. Thesis statement two:

Writer’s Choice: Research Paper and Report Writing

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