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Writing About The Holocaust, Introduction Worksheet


Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – Writing About The Holocaust, Introduction Worksheet
By – Kristy Brooten
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 6
Writing About The Holocaust Thematic Unit Contents:

Writing Your Introduction

A good introduction does more than just begin the thesis, or main idea, of a report. It grabs the reader’s attention. One way is to begin with a question. Another way is to open with a surprising fact or statistic. Some writers interest their readers with a fascinating story related to the topic. Others start with a striking quotation. Think about the topic you have selected and the main idea you want to convey. Now develop one introduction for each approach listed below.

1. Question:

2. Surprising fact or statistic:

3. Story:

4. Quotation:

Now review your four introductions. Which one do you like best? Explain why your prefer it.

Writer’s Choice: Research Paper and Report Writing

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