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Students create a medieval crusade journal here after reading a story about Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine


Language Arts, Social Studies  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Crusade Journal
By – Helen Venosdel
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 6-8


  • After reading Queen Eleanor: Independent Spirit of the Medieval World by Polly S. Brooks, students will create a diary/travelogue of Eleanor’s journey.


  • After completing Chapter 3 of the text (below), students will create a journal kept by a member of the crusade that includes:
    • Cover with title
    • Map of the journey with places clearly marked
    • Illustrations of people who made the journey
    • Detailed description of Antioch and Constantinople with illustration
    • “Artifact” like a cloth cross given by Abbot Bernard, a piece of the true cross from the Holy Land, wild flower collected in Antioch, an arrow head from Mt. Cadmos, etc.
    • At least three journal entries explaining the major difficulties, important events and lessons learned


  • 3-5 sheets of aged paper per student (students can “age” the paper themselves)
  • A map of the Crusade route
  • Various pictures of people of the time period
  • Handout of weapons and armor
  • Handouts of medieval names and occupations
  • Supplemental books on Crusades
  • Colored pencils
  • Students will provide “authentic artifacts”


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