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This writing idea for what students do for Christmas (Holidays) allows for the exploring of different cultures’ traditions


Language Arts, Social Studies  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – What do you do for Christmas??

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Social Studies

Secondary Subjects – Language Arts

Grade Level – 2-5





Talk to students about what a ritual is and how we all have rituals that we do everyday such as brush our teeth. Discuss with the class what you personally do for the holidays with your family. Then ask the students if there is anything particular that they do around the holidays. Do they go somewhere? Do they light candles? Decorate a tree together?


Now ask the students what their favorite memory about the holidays is? Is it with a special family member and doing something special with them? Is it going somewhere special? Now have them write down some key points about their favorite holiday memory. Explain to the class that this is now a writing project and in thier best writing write a few paragraphs about their favorite Holiday Memory. They can also make a picture to illustrate it after the writing has been completed and checked by the teacher. The important thing is to say Holiday Memory that way it can be any religion or event. Not necessarily Christmas. You might even want to change it to Winter Memory if you know there are children in your class that are Atheist or something to that effect.


Proper writing of an event in their life. Correct punctuation and grammar in a narrative story. To practice writing skills and to check their abilities at getting their point across. As always, Reading, Writing and talking are essential in getting children to learn the importance of reading and writing to get your point across.


Debbie Haren


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