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Here “The Jolly Postman” teaches students how write a friendly letter to a fairytale character


Language Arts, Social Studies  



Title – Writing Letters to Fairytale Characters
By – Jennifer Spencer
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Social Studies
Grade Level – 1

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Language Arts Standards:

    19) Writing/Expository and Procedural Texts

      B) The student will write short letters that put ideas in chronological or logical sequence and use appropriate conventions (e.g.; date, salutation, closing)

Learning Objectives:

  • The student will be able to write a friendly letter to someone without teacher help.
  • The student will be able to organize a friendly letter with proper format, after teacher instruction.
  • The student will be able to address a letter using an envelope, after teacher instruction.

Materials Needed:

  • The Jolly Postman (book)
  • Big Paper
  • Paper for students
  • Marker
  • Envelopes

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  • Have The Jolly Postman ready to read.
  • Have big paper out and ready to write on.
  • Have paper ready to pass out to students.


  • Beginning of class: “Everyone come and sit on the floor.”
  • After book: “In just a second, we will quietly go to our desks. When you get there, take out a pencil.”


  • Read The Jolly Postman
  • Write on big paper to refresh class memory.


  1. Students sit on the floor around the reading area.
  2. Introduce The Jolly Postman .
    • Tell students: “Today I’m going to read this book to begin the lesson.”
    • Only read parts with the letters to save time.
  3. While reading, review letter format. Example: “Where is the greeting? Closure?”
  4. After reading, review letter format on big paper.
    • Students name the parts of a letter and their placement:
      • Date: Upper right hand corner
      • Greeting: Below date, left hand side
      • Body: Below greeting, indent, paragraph form.
      • Closing: Below body, middle right
      • Name: Below closing (Comma after greeting and closing)
    • Ask the students questions:
      • What kind of characters were in the book? (Fairytale)
  5. Introduce writing activity:
    • Tell students “You are going to write a letter to a fairytale character. You’re going to ask them one question about themselves.”
    • On the board list characters they can use.
  6. Transition:
  7. “When I dismiss, walk to your desks and take out a pencil.”
    • When students are seated, pass out paper.
    • Tell students again to use the format on the big paper to write a letter asking a fairytale character a question.
  8. After letter is written, pass out envelopes.
    • Tell students: “Don’t write on envelopes yet!”
    • Show students how to format an address and name on envelope
      • Name at the top left hand corner
      • School and room number under the name
      • Characters name in the middle of envelope
      • 100 Jolly Postman under that
      • Richardson, TX 12345 under that
      • Sticker “stamp” in upper right hand corner
  9. Put letters inside of finished envelopes
  10. Put letters into box (mailbox) for the “postman”.
  11. Review steps/format once more before packing up to leave.


  • Ask students: “For what reasons do we write a friendly letter?”
  • Also ask: “What is the first thing you put on a letter?”
  • Give the big paper to someone or hang it on the wall for future reference.

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