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Here is a lesson on the “sh” sound


Language Arts  



Title – Identifying the ‘sh’ sound in the initial position of words
By – Camille Budd-Hare
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 2


    Pictures of various things which have the ‘sh’ spelling and sound at the beginning of their names, plain paper for each student, tape or thumbtacks.

OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to

      (1) say what sound they hear at the beginning of words with the ‘sh’ sound


    (2) say what two letters make this sound.


      (1) Show the class the pictures collected while saying the name of each picture. Allow students to say the names with you. Have a short discussion about each picture, e.g. where would you find it, what do you do with it etc.
      (2) Write the name of each picture on chalkboard/whiteboard asking students to say them as you do so. Stick each picture beside its name.
      (3) Ask individual students to use each word in a sentence and let class repeat the sentences given.
      (4) Ask students if they can use their ‘brain-power’ to figure out what is the same about all these words. Give prompts and clues until someone says “they all have the letters ‘sh’ or the sound ‘sh’ at the beginning.
    (5) Encourage class to repeat the sound of the letters while you underline them, emphasizing that they make the ‘sh’ sound.


    Give each student a piece of blank paper and let them get their crayons. Ask them to take off one shoe. Let them turn the shoe over and hold the paper firmly over the bottom of the shoe. Demonstrating with your own shoe, show students how to rub the crayon across the paper until the pattern on the bottom of the shoe shows up. When they have a good enough impression, let them outline it with a different colored crayon and write the word shoe on the paper. Remember to let them wash their hands when they are through.

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