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Learners use graphic organizers here to find “The Main Idea”


Language Arts  


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Title – The Main Idea
By – Sabrina C.
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1-2


    ELA standard 1:

      Student will make appropriate and effective use of strategies that have been taught to construct meaning from print and pictures.

Instructional objective:

    Students will identify the main idea of a story and provide two details that support the main idea.


      Read the book


    by Leo Lionni.

Delivery of instruction:

    Together, fill in a graphic organizer. This organizer asks students to focus on the important points of a story. Read the story to your students, then lead them to identify the main idea and write it the crayon box. Then have them identify two details in the story that help support the main idea.


      After reading the story and filling in the graphic organizer, ask the following questions:

        “Why do you think the author wrote this story?


        Did the author tell us the main idea directly or did he or she show us the main idea by something that happened in the story?


      Why are the details important? Do they help us determine the main idea?”

Extended practice:

    Student will fill in their own graphic organizer. They will also use this graphic organizer with other read alouds and possibly on their own during their reading center.

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