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Uncountable nouns are the subject of this lesson


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Uncountable Nouns
By – Ambreen Asif Qureshi
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 9-12
Time: 30 minute period

INSTRUCTIONAL GOAL: To enable students to identify uncountable nouns



  1. What is your name?
  2. What is the name of your city?
  3. What is a table, a pencil, a clock, and a shoe?
  4. What is sugar?
  5. What do all of these words have in common?
  6. They are all called nouns.
  7. Is “window” a noun? How many windows are in your classroom?
  8. Can you count them?
  9. Can you count all nouns?
  10. Is sugar a noun?
  11. Can you count sugar?


The “things” that we cannot easily count are called “Uncountable Nouns”. Today we will explore “Uncountable Nouns.”


Have your students help you write the definition of nouns and uncountable nouns on the board. Then write a list of uncountable nouns on the board as you show examples of them. For example:

Show a glass of water and ask the students: What is it? A glass. The word “glass” is what part of speech? A noun. Can you count glasses? Yes. What is in the glass? Water. Can we count the water? No. Therefore, “water” is an uncountable noun.

What is in the plate? Soup. Can you count soup? No.

Continue the lesson with other examples you have brought in or find in the classroom environment.

ASSESSMENT: At the end of the lesson, assess whether the objective was achieved or not with a flash card activity. Show pictures of countable and uncountable nouns. Ask students individually to tell if the picture shown is of a countable or uncountable noun. In this way, the concept will be clear.

HOMEWORK: The students will be asked to write five countable and uncountable nouns in their notebooks.

MATERIALS AND AIDS: flip chart, flash cards, sugar, tea, salt, rice and examples of uncountable nouns found in a classroom environment.

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