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“Un Repaso del Imperfecto” is a Spanish II imperfect tense lesson in which students make a promo for a “Nick at Nite” show


Language Arts  


9, 10, 11, 12  

Title – Un Repaso del Imperfecto
By – Amanda Pfeiff
Primary Subject – Language Arts – Spanish II
Grades – 9-12

Rationale: The reason for this unit is to allow students to learn the imperfect tense. This will give students a further in-depth look on the Spanish language, as they continue to become more familiar and confident in their reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Learning the imperfect tense will give students a greater understanding of the basis of the language, which will give them a clearer picture of whether or not they would want to continue studying the language for future use.


      1. Students can identify the grammar in daily experiences (TV, through Hispanic people talking).

      2. Students see that learning a foreign language can be done through using a variety of mediums.

      3. Students understand that learning is a social process.

      4. Students take what they have learned in class and use it in their daily lives.

    5. Students see the difference and similarities between the imperfect tense and other verb tenses.


      1. Students will be able to recollect the uses of the imperfect.

      2. Students will be able to conjugate infinitive verbs in the imperfect.

    3. Students will be able to work together in order to accomplish objectives 1 and 2.


      1. The students will be expected to create a 30 second commercial. The commercial will be used for the network station “Nick at Nite”, a TV station that shows the reruns of old sitcoms. Each group will be given a show that is “expected” to air on “Nick at Nite” sometime in the near future. The commercial will be “used” to lure audiences into watching that specific show.

    2. Students will have 20 minutes to create their commercial.


    1. Various editions of Spanish dictionaries


    1. Video Camera


    Students are to fill out the “What did you think?” survey and complete another exercise that allows them to practice conjugating and using the imperfect.


    Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the imperfect based on the rubric passed out during class.


Directions: Each group has been assigned a TV show. All the TV shows that have been assigned are no longer on the air or they only run in syndication. Each group will be responsible for creating a 30 second commercial. These commercials are expected to be aired on the television network “Nick at Nite”. Your television commercial is to convince the TV audience to watch your show. You may reenact a specific scene from the show that you may find particularly important or funny, but remember that the purpose of the commercial or “promo” is to inform your audience about the show in general and why they should watch it. You could also pretend that you are one of the characters from the show, informing the audience why they should watch it. You have 30 minutes to come up with your commercial. When the permitted time is up, you and your group will present your efforts to the class. Below is a list of requirements. Make sure that your group looks over all requirements. The rubric is out of 100 points.

Requirements Point Value
Use the imperfect tense at least 5 times (not including the irregular forms). 40 points
Use all the irregular forms of the imperfect 20 points
Group works together as a team. 15 points
Everyone contributes (you will have to tell the teacher what you specifically did to help your group out). Everyone has to speak in the commercial! 10 points
The group is enthusiastic while presenting. 10 points
Delivery of commercial is given by clear and projective voices. 5 points


These commercials will be videotaped, allowing me to go back and pick up whatever I may have missed. Raise your hand if you have any questions and I will come to your group.

You will not be allowed to bring a script up with you while presenting.

Por Ejemplo (this example is shorter than 30 seconds but it will give you an idea of what I expect):

Persona #1: Tienes que mirar la exposición de la televisión Full House.

Persona #2: En cada episodio habían las mismas personas: Danny, Joel, Uncle Jessie, DJ, Stephanie, y Michelle.

Persona #3: La esposa de Danny a murió. Danny tenía que criar sus niñas: DJ, Stephanie, y Michelle, solo.

Persona #4: Un día, Uncle Jessie (el hermano del Señora Tanner) y Joey (el amigo de Danny) vinieron vivir con Danny y sus niñas.

Persona #5: Esta exposición de la televisión es sobre la vida de esta familia y sus problemas.

Persona #6: Siempre miraba cuando era una niña. Es una exposición de la televisión que la toda familia puede mirar. Tiene lecciones buenas sobre vida.

I have highlighted the imperfect forms in the example above. Remember the uses of the imperfect. The example above should give you some ideas on how to incorporate the imperfect into your commercial.

Vocabulario (para ayudarte con tu comercial)

      1. el episodio (noun) — the episode

      2. la exposición de la televisión (noun) — the television show

      3. los personajes (noun) — the characters

      4. mejor (adjective) — best

      5. cómico/a (adjective) — funny

      6. sobre (preposition) — about

      7. todo/a (adjective) — every

    8. cada (adjective) — each

**Remember ladies and gentlemen that this is Español II! Stick with what you know. Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be, meaning stick with vocabulary that you are familiar with.

¡Buenas Suerte!


What Did You Think?

Answer the following questions:

1. How do you think you did on the test?

2. Did you like the test?

3. What was positive about this experience? What was negative about this experience?

4. Did you enjoy working in groups?

5. How did you contribute in the creation of your commercial?

6. Why do you think I made the test this way?

7. Which commercial did you enjoy the most?

8. List the uses of the imperfect below.

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