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Addressing Valentine’s Day cards provides great practice in handwriting and name recognition


Language Arts  



Title – Valentine Card Writing Activity
By – Jill McCaskill
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarten

Each child brings their own box of valentine cards. We ask the parents to have their child write his/her name on all of the cards ahead of time. We also tell them that we don’t need the envelopes. We also tell them not to write whom it is to.

Prior to Valentine’s Day, we begin our writing activity with Valentine cards. Each child has a decorated sack with his/her name on it and the sacks are taped on the chalkrail. Each child gets their cards out and I call out a name for them to write on one of their cards. I write the name on the board and they copy it onto their card. After everyone has written this particular child’s name we then distribute them into the sacks. We do this for each child in the classroom. I usually do about 5 a day until we have gotten everyone taken care of.

This is great practice in handwriting and name recognition.

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