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Language Arts – Valentine’s Day


Language Arts  



Title:  St. Valentine’s Day
by Olga Viniarskaya
Grade Level: 6

The main aim of the lesson is to develop creative activity of the students:
1 Some spots of St. Valentine’s Day history.  Students have a talk about it.
2 Adding to the song “And I Love Her” (“The Beatles”) and writing down the missed words in the typed text of the song.  The song is listened to three times.
3 The literary translations of the poem by Jack Prelutsky “It’s Valentine’s Day” into Russian and choosing the best variant (students made it on special sheets using pictures)
4 Discussing the meaning of the word “love”: 1 The definition of Collins Cobuild. Young learner’s dictionary. 2 Students are to continue the phrase “Love is…” using the poem “Love is…” and trying to express own thoughts.
5 Drilling of the phrases with the word ‘love” such as “to fall in love with smb”, “to be badly in love” etc.  Students make own sentences and short stories to illustrate the meaning of the phrase.
6 Poem by Jack Prelutsky “I love you more than applesauce” : reading, understanding and creating own poem “I love you more than…”
7 The results of the competition for the best St. Valentine’s card.
8 The best transformation of the poem:
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Honey is sweet and So are you” –
students take the first and the last lines and their create own poem.
9 Any song about love ( e.g. “Every night…” )
10 Results of the lesson

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