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Another game idea called “Verb Charades”


Language Arts  


2, 3  

Title – Verb Charades

By – Kerrie Flanagan

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – 2nd-3rd

Verb Charades


* 30 Note Cards

* Marker


1.Write a verb on each note card (perhaps include some nouns, etc. and have the children try to spot them).


1. Have a student pick a card.

2. They are to act out the verb on the card for the class

3. The rest of the students are to guess what verb is being acted out.

4. When all of the students have had a chance to act out a verb, have the students tell you some verbs while you write them on a large piece of paper.

5. Display the paper in the room for reference.


Kerrie Flanagan


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