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In this newspaper lesson, students learn how to use photographs and visual design to convey messages


Language Arts  


6, 7, 8  

Title – Newspaper Article – Viewing and Representing
By – R. Olivier
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 6th – 8th

TEAKS/TAKS Objectives: 24(a) 25(a)

Lesson Objective: The learner will use newspaper articles to understand how visual design is used to convey messages in the mass media. Students will write a new article for a photo of choice and chose an article to draw picture ‘comic style’ to tell the story.

Anticipatory Set: Welcome students to give input on newspaper articles and how pictures are used to help tell a story.

Input Procedures: Use a guided discussion to introduce viewing and representing and how the media uses it to convey its messages.

Checking for Understanding: Make sure students understand how viewing pictures helps support what the articles are conveying.

Guided Practice: Demonstrate on overhead with examples.

Independent Practice: Start on individual project.

Closure: Make sure that students are cutting out pictures that they find interesting and recap on how viewing and representing are used in the mass media.

Assessment: Check how each student is following directions and how far they are on their project.

Re-teach: Give a new approach on viewing and representing.

Modifications: Follow IEP instructions for special needs students.

Materials: Newspapers, magazines, pen, paper, creativity and scissors.

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