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Here children play dress-up while learning weather-related clothing vocabulary


Language Arts, Seasonal  


PreK, K, 1  

By – Lauren Ford

Children use weather and clothing vocabulary as they relate clothing choices to weather during this early childhood activity.

Materials: Dress-up clothes for various weather conditions: mittens, winter hats, sunglasses, rain boots, snow boots, sandals, sweater, sun hat, raincoat, winter coat, scarf, bathing suit, etc.

Description: Choose children in turn to be
‘dressed up” or dress teacher or a life-sized doll. Teacher describes the weather conditions by saying, “Oh, I woke up this morning and I looked out of the window and it was




. What should (child’s name) wear?”

Children can call out suggestions and help dress the chosen child in the appropriate outfit. Children get quite pleased and giggle if they are allowed to “correct” the teacher’s incorrect suggestions too.


Lauren Ford

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