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In this mini-lesson, students write a sentence about their favorite animal


Language Arts  



Title – What’s your favorite animal?
By – Meg Anderson
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – Kindergarden

110.3 (b) knowledge and skills (8) reading/word identification. (G) read [and write] both regular and irregular words automatically through multiple opportunities to read and reread the words.

1. The student will be able to write about their favorite animal in a complete sentence.
2. The student will be able to talk about their favorite animal.
3. The student will be able to make sentences with given words.

1. construction paper
2. scissors
3. paper
4. pencil
5. crayons

Set out crayons, construction paper, feathers, yarn, and pencils on the tables.
Go to the art tables.

* “What is your favorite animal?”
* Write animal on white board and draw picture of the animal.

1. Ask the students what their favorite animals are.
2. Write their responses on the white board and draw a simple picture of the animal next to it.
3. Write the sentence “My favorite animal is __________.” on the white board.
4. Ask whoever told you the animal, why it is their favorite animal.
5. Tell them to go to the art table.
6. Pick up a paper on the way to the art tables.
7. The students need to write the sentence from the white board on the top of their paper.
8. Draw a picture of the animal from your sentence.
9. “Color and add accessories to your picture like yarn, construction paper, and feathers.”
10. “Write your name on the back of your magnificent picture.”
11. Have the students show you their picture when they are finished.
12. “Put it in a neat pile on my desk.”
13. “Go to your normal centers.”

Go to normal centers that are in relation to the jungle.

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