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Here’s a brief but fun Writing idea called “What would you do if…”


Language Arts  


8, 9, 10  

Title – What would you do if…
By – Débora
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 8-10
This is a very easy, funny and effective activity. I used to play it when I was younger, in my own language and decided to try it with English. You’ll just need to give a sheet of paper to each of your students and ask them to make a circle with their chairs(they can also sit on the floor, if you think it is ok). They are supposed to write down some questions using “What would you do if…” and the correspondent answers according to their own opinions. When they have finished this part of the activity, you can mix the sheets of paper up and give them back to the students. Now the first student is going to read his/her QUESTION and the second student is going to read his/her first ANSWER and so on. Some questions won’t have anything to do with the answers given, but, on the other hand, the result will be very interesting once other questions and answers will coincidently match in a funny way. I hope I have been clear enough. I’ve played it with my students and it was great!

From Recife, Brazil

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