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“Whose Sentence Is It Anyway?” – a lesson on sentence structure


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Whose Sentence is it Anyway?
By – Dana L. Craig
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 2-5
Whose Sentence is it Anyway?

Language Arts Activity: Complete the Silly Sentence (adapted from ABC TV show: “Whose Line is it Anyway?”)
Emphasized Language Arts Strand: Presenting

I. Concepts to be taught:
-Sentence structure

II. Behavioral Objectives
-The students will be able to form complete and correct sentences.
-The students will be able to relate and interpret the relationships of subjects, verbs and adjectives to one another in completing sentences.

III. Materials:
-One container marked “Feelings” or “Adjectives”, ten laminated cards with different feelings or adjectives written on them
-One container marked “Action”, ten laminated cards with different actions written on them
-One container marked “Person”, ten laminated cards with different people or occupations written on them
-Laminated “Complete Sentence” cards
-small dry erase board and dry erase markers.

IV. Teaching/ Learning Procedures:
This is to be played as a game, but can be adapted for center use.
A student is chosen to be the “Pantomime Presenter”. One student is chosen to be the recorder. “Pantomime Presenter” draws one laminated strip from each of the three labeled containers. The three strips drawn should form a silly sentence that the “Pantomime Presenter” must act out. (Example: Sad school teacher picking apples.) Seated students must guess what the words on each card were and put together to form the silly sentence. Card subjects may be guessed one at a time, when one card is guessed the recorder writes it on the dry erase board. The first person to say all three card subjects together forming a complete sentence receives a “Complete Sentence” card and becomes the next “Pantomime Presenter”. Then the previous “Pantomime Presenter” becomes the recorder. The first student to collect five “Complete Sentence” cards wins an activity pass (this entitles student to five minutes extra center time).

V. Evaluation: Teacher will evaluate students understanding by observing the game playing activity and helping to clarify questions or problems when needed.

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