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A lesson on Word Identification for Language Arts


Language Arts  


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   Reading Lesson Plan
Word Identification Lesson
by Elise Cadieux

Grade Level: First or second

Goal: When given an animal word by his/her teacher, the students will be able to encode and decode it.

Objective: Students will be able to hear individual phonemes in words and place them in the correct position in order to encode animal words. They will do this in cooperative groups with 80% accuracy.

Objective: Students will read and trace with crayon the name of his/her animal independently with 80% accuracy.

   Materials needed:
Animal pictures with corresponding initial letter.
Name of animal printed so students can trace


Prior to the students entering the room, the teacher will place under each of their chairs a picture of an animal and its corresponding letter. For instance for letter A, the teacher might use an antelope with a large capital A printed below it. When the students are seated, the teacher will tell them to reach under their chairs and take out their pictures. The students will then be required to go to the front of the classroom contingent upon the letter they have. For instance, letter A will go first, then letter B. Once the students are in the proper order of the alphabet, the lesson will begin. The student with letter A will say his letter and the corresponding picture. “A for antelope.” He will then be required to spell antelope aloud (this could also be done by ability level, the teacher could give the more difficult words to the more accomplished readers and the easier ones to the students who have more difficulty decoding) by calling the people he needs to create the word (the others in the group will also help if need be). For example, if Johnny has N he will call Johnny , then Sue who has the letter T and so on.. He will place the people he called in order so that the word will be spelled correctly, and they will stand in front of the rest of the students so they can see how the word is spelled. After this has been accomplished letter A will place his picture of the antelope and the letter A on the board. The teacher will give him the word antelope and he will trace it with a crayon and place it under the picture. The other students will go back to their place in the alphabet while the next student spells an animal word. This will continue until all the students in the class have a turn.


Teacher will evaluate the traced animal word.


Upon completion students will identify the letter their animal started with, and will be required to spell the animal words. Students who have difficulty with this will read and spell the name of their animal using the picture and word they had traced previously. Finally, teacher will communicate to students that this lesson is the beginning of their animal unit.

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