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This lesson is on words that start with Q


Language Arts  



   Words that begin with "Q"
by Tracy Lamoureux
Language Arts
Grade 2


1. The students will be able to pick words out of a story that begin with “Q”.

2. The students will create sentences with “Q” words.


Using a flip book, the student will recognize words, from the story read to them, that begin with “Q”.


Book- My “q” Sound Box by Jane Moncure, oversized lined paper, 2 colored markers, drawing paper, crayons, and flip book (This book is hand-made by the teacher. It contains three sections that can be flipped to create different “Q” words from the story book.)


Tell the students to draw a picture of a little girl and tell them that we will name her “Q.” After they are done with their picture, tell them that we will be reading a story about a little girl named “Q.” Tell them to pay attention to the words that begin with the letter “Q” in the story.

Body of Lesson:

Recall their previous learning by writing the letter “Q” on the board and making sure everyone remembers what it sounds like. Read the book to the students. Have a large lined sheet of paper in the front of the classroom. Ask the students to recall some of the “Q” words from the book and write them down on the sheet of paper (with one colored marker). With each word have the students come up with a sentence and write them down with the other marker. The sentences could be something that they remember about the word in the book or any sentence they are able to create. Read the sentences that the class came up with. Point to each individual word as you read them. Pass out the hand-made flip book. Mix up the order of the “Q” words the students gave earlier and have the students form each “Q” word you say with the flip book. Record the students progress.


“What did you learn today?” Ask them if they can come up with any other words that start with “Q”.

Evaluation of objective:

Evaluation will be done with the flip book as the teacher records the progress of the students.

Directions for the flip book:

To make the flip book, poster board is needed to make letter cards. Yarn is needed to hold the flip book together after punching holes in the top of each letter card. A front and back cover of the flip book will make it sturdy. The flip book should contain three sections of letter cards that the students could flip through to form the different Q words from the story. Use all of the Q words from the story to create the flip book. The first section of the flip book had three letter cards that the students could flip through. For the first section use que, qui and qua. The other two sections were created by dividing the rest of the words into two parts. For example, the students should be able to flip through and find qui-t-e.

Alternative Activity:

If the students are having difficult finding the “Q” words in their flip book they may need more phonics. For each word taken from the story sound them out with the students.

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