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Here’s an idea to get students Writing Christmas Stories with Partners


Language Arts  


5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10  

Title – Partner Christmas Story
By – Ginny Jones
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Secondary Subjects – Language Arts
Grade Level – 5-10
Divide students into pairs. Each person is responsible for 2-3 fully developed paragraphs. (6 sentences minimum) Use descriptive details and action verbs.

Each new paragraph must have a connecting phrase (transition) that ties it to the preceding paragraph.

Possible story topics:
You went to bed Christmas Eve 2001 and woke up Christmas Day 2019.
Christmas is here and you just won the lottery.
You plan to catch Santa in the act
Christmas has been cancelled this year.
How do you go about getting the present you want?
Tell about the embarrassing, dreaded relative.

Stories must be edited and the story practiced before reading to class. Animate voices.

Example for Halloween:

All my best friends spent Halloween night at my house. The four of us, Tommy, Jack, Alex, and I cruised the neighborhood collecting candy in pillow cases. The candy was yummy, the company was rowdy, and the wee hours were approaching when Tommy turned out the lights and started telling this ghost story:

One dark night Sam was driving along a deserted country road when the left front tire blew causing the car to careen wildly across the road, through a ditch, and into a cornfield. Sam pulled his stiff body out of the dented Dodge and began walking home. After 45 minutes of forcing his aching body onward, he spotted small, bright orbs off in the distance. They were approaching at a snail’s pace. Sam began to worry that this, his only hope to catch a ride, might be the insane hermit. Should he get in if the car stopped? Sam was sweating profusely as the car halted next to him. He cautiously opened the door, peered in and fainted. When he came to, he was looking into the face of his father.

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