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In this Valentine’s idea, students write their own conversation hearts


Language Arts  


3, 4, 5  

Title – Writing Your Own Conversation Hearts
By – Sarah McHone
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 3-5


      1. Bag of Conversation Heart Candy (small size)

      2. Hearts printed on construction paper–or have students create their own.

      3. Scissors

      4. Markers

      5. History of the conversation hearts from Procedure: Read the history of the conversation hearts to students. Make sure to point out the rules for the small candies–if there’s only one line written on the heart, it may have 5 or less characters. If there are two lines on the candy heart, each line must have 4 or less characters.

Next, give each student several of the candy hearts for inspiration. Also, give them construction paper to cut out a pre-made heart or create one of their own. Cut out the heart. Now have students make up an original cool saying to go on their hearts. Make sure to stress that planning is crucial because they won’t want to mess up their hearts when writing with markers. Write their creations on the paper heart with markers.

Tell students that you want each heart to be different and try not to have any duplicates. Be creative! Use student-created conversation hearts to decorate a bulletin board or your classroom door for Valentine’s Day. Finally, allow students to eat their inspirations!

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