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This idea is on the “Revision Triangle – Affirmation, Clarification, and Elaboration”


Language Arts  


2, 3, 4, 5  

Title – Revision Triangle: Affirmation, Clarification, Elaboration

By – Marcy Winograd

Primary Subject – Language Arts

Secondary Subjects – Language Arts

Grade Level – 2-5

Objective: Students revise their writing after meeting in pairs to offer structured feedback using a triangular model of affirmation, clarification and elaboration.

Process: Following a narrative writing assignment, the teacher draws a large triangle on the board and labels the angles as follows: affirmation (I like the part when …); clarification (I’m confused about … I’m not sure why …); elaboration (I’d like to know more about … I’d like to hear the conversation between …) The teacher asks students to meet in pairs, share their writing, and then offer written feedback using the triangular model. The teacher emphasizes the importance of beginning and ending on a positive note when making revision suggestions.

Once the students have finished writing down their feedback, they revise their stories, checking the paragraphs where they have clarified or elaborated.


Marcy Winograd


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