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Students write a biography about a famous Texan here


Language Arts  



Title – Famous Texans Creative Writing
By – Morgan Gill
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 2


    110.4-14 D) write in different forms for different purposes such as lists to record, letters to invite or thank, and stories or poems to entertain.

Learning Objectives: The student will be able to…

      1) Decide which famous Texan to write about


      2) Write a biography about that Texan


    3) Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

List of Materials:

      1. List of famous Texans


      2. Paper


      3. Pencils


      4. Books or biographies about the Texans


      5. List of what must be included in biography


    6. Transparencies

Pre-Activity Preparation:

    Create a list of famous Texans for the students to choose from. Gather books and biographies for students to use as resources. Write out what must be included in the biography on the board, or on the overhead.

Establishing Set/Motivation/Introduction:

    Have the list up on the board or overhead for the students to choose from, and the books and biographies about those Texans.

Learning Experiences/Presentation/Procedure:

      1. Have students choose a famous Texan from the list.
      2. “A biography is a written outline of a person’s life.”
      3. “It tells about all the important things that person did, as well as their childhood, family life, and education.”
      4. “I have biographies and books about each famous Texan on the list.”
      5. “Each of you needs to write at least a one page biography on the famous Texan of your choice.”
      6. “You need to include what city the Texan grew up in, who their parents were, what schools they went to, what jobs they held, what significant or important things they did in their life, what they’re famous for, and when, where, and how they died.”
      7. “Be sure to have a beginning, middle and an end.”
      8. “Have your neighbor check your biography for mistakes.”
      9. “When you are finished, bring your biography to me to check.”
      10. “Once I have checked it, you may decorate and color your biography however you want, as long as I can still read what you wrote.”
      11. “You may glue your biography onto colored paper so I can put them up on the walls around the room for everyone to look at.”
    12. Pass out paper for the students to use.


    Display the completed, decorated biographies on the walls around the room.

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