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Expository Writing Plan


Language Arts  


5, 6, 7  

By – Jamie Danford



  • Question students on how they usually get started on writing any writing piece.
  • Tell the students that they should always start with a plan.
  • Review the purpose of expository writing with the students. (to explain)
  • Remind students that expository writing is the most used type or writing by authors (especially in everyday life)


Activities and Procedure:

-Have the students take notes while you teach a step-by-step plan of how to write a good expository writing piece. After each step, have the students do what you just explained.

-Write the plan on the board, a chart, or the overhead.


Expository Writing Plan

(Suppose this was your writing prompt: Think of an insect you dislike and explain why. Make sure to give good reasons and examples to support your choice.)

  1. Choose a subject

 (Your example answer will be: mosquitoes)

  1. List the reasons

(Your example will be:

  • Annoying when I am outside
  • Their bites itch
  • They carry diseases like the West Nile Virus)
  1. Each reason gets a paragraph. (The paragraphs must only be about one reason each! Stick to the topic!)
  2. Examples follow each reason
  3. Use the subject and reasons to construct your introduction and conclusion

-Next, model an example of a good body paragraph for one of the reasons you listed. Here is an example that you could use: (Tell them they can pull from your paragraph: One reason I hate… and For example…)

One reason I hate mosquitoes is because they are so annoying while I am outside. For example, whenever we have cookouts, they want to swarm all around the food. Also, when I go fishing with my Dad, we always have to wear bug spray. The bug spray always stinks to high heaven! Then, if you do not want to use bug spray, the only other way to get them to leave you alone is to wear long sleeves. Yet, who wants to wear long sleeves when it is hot outside? Nothing ruins your day like blood sucking mosquitoes.

-It is very important to model an example of the body paragraph. You can also see an example of how to write good introductions and conclusions for an expository writing piece on this site under Language Arts- 5th grade.



-Assess students writing with a rubric you create that is geared toward how you taught the students to write the piece. Did they choose one subject? Did they have 3 reasons in 3 different paragraphs? Introduction? Conclusion? Did they stick to the topic? Did they respond to the writing prompt?


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