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This Writing idea branches off of how the tree got its leaves


Language Arts  


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Title – Writing lesson-How the tree got its leaves?
By – Joanna Claire Rebone
Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – 1st-2nd
How the tree got its leaves?

Materials- a worksheet with a tree on it and a pencil

Model- have a story already written to show how it’s done.

Directions- Take a copy of the worksheet and write how the trees get leaves. How do you think this process goes about?
Sit outside by some trees with the class while they write. Before returning to the classroom have each student take a leaf from the ground.
Conclusions: Have students share their ideas with the other children in the room and have them paste the leaves on the back of the sheet. Hang the sheets up across the room.

*** this activity encourages children to write and helps them with the writing process while letting them compose an original text!

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