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Children write short sentences here to create an autumn vocabulary booklet


Language Arts  



Title – Writing about Fall
By – Julie Gatz
Primary Subject – Language Arts
Grade Level – K

Learning objectives:

  1. The child will be able to write in short sentences.
  2. They will also be able to tell their family about fall.
  3. The child will be able to tell their family about what type of clothing to wear in fall.

List of materials:

  • two pieces of construction paper per student
  • markers or crayons
  • glue
  • cutouts of selected autumn vocabulary pictures (i.e. yellow leaf, orange pumpkin, blue sweater, brown acorns, red apples, purple grapes, green umbrella, black jacket, corn, scarecrow, squirrel, tree with falling leaves, hay bale, etc.)


    An example is needed so that all the children will be able to understand what they are supposed to be doing. At the table you will need all the supplies out and ready to go, so that once the children return to their seats, they can begin after your instructions. (See procedure.)


    This is not a group activity; this is an individual activity, so no transition to the activity is necessary. Before beginning the activity, warn the students about the consequence of misbehaving.

Establishing set/Motivation/Introduction:

    Who likes the season fall? When is the season fall? Well, today we are going to make a little story booklet about the season fall. When you complete your booklet, you can take it home and read it to your family.


  1. The first step is to make sure everyone has TWO sheets of construction paper.
  2. The second step is to hand out all the little cutouts so that they will be able to glue them in their booklets.
  3. Also make sure you have markers or crayons for each table, so that the children will be able to color the pictures.
  4. Once everything is handed out, have the children put the two pieces of construction paper on top of each other and fold them in half (hamburger style), then fold in half again.
  5. Write the sentences that you want to have in the booklet (…the pumpkins are round) on the board.
  6. Once you have finished writing the sentences, have the children write the same sentences in their booklet, one per page, leaving enough room for a picture below. If they need help, help them.
  7. Once they have all finished writing their sentences, have them glue the cutouts in the correct pages.
  8. Once they are finished gluing, they are allowed to color all of their pictures.
  9. Tell the students, “Once you have finished coloring, go and put the booklet in your cubby hole.”


    Tell the students, “Clean up all of your mess.”

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