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Lesson Plan 2 continued


Social Studies  



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Unit Test

Ben and Me

L. Connect the marks so that you have a straight line across the bottom.

M. Place a ruler across the line and put a mark at 1-½ inches and a mark at 7-inches.

N. Using the paper punch, punch a hole at the marks you made at 1-½ inches and at 7-inches.

O. You can now erase the straight line if you wish.

P. Fold the paper in half again, just like you had it before.

Q. On the front, you will write, in your best handwriting, your maxim.

R. On the inside page, you will write, in your best handwriting, what your maxim means.

S. On the back page write your name and the date.

T. When you are done, you may decorate the pages as you like, but do not cover up your writing.

Total time: 15 min.

9. Inform students of their homework–listed below.

10. Inform students that if they get done with their projects that they need to check their work before

handing it in. When they are finished, they can work on their journal entries or private dictionary.


1. The teacher will assess student contribution to group and class discussions.

2. The teacher will observe students as they read aloud to their peers.

3. The teacher will assess the students’ ability to follow directions.

4. Although students’ level of critical thinking cannot be directly “graded”, the teacher will assess the

amount of relevance that students place into their responses.


1. Add 2 words that they found in today’s chapters to their dictionary. Students are welcome to add more

words to their dictionaries.

2. Answer the journal topic, “My favorite maxim by Ben Franklin is_________because…”

3. Add the following words to your dictionary: bargain and maxim.

Additional Instructions:

When the students are finished creating their maxims, the teacher can assess their work in a variety of ways. This author prefers to assess the students’ work on the basis of neatness, ability to follow directions, and creativity and relevance of their maxim to their lives and those of their peers.

When the students hand in their projects, use colorful yarn to tie them all together. Tie them in a ladder style. That is, loop the yarn through the bottom of one and then through the top of the next. This allows the projects to be hung on a wall. If done properly, the maxims should all be showing, and if one lifts the page, the meaning of the maxim will then be revealed.

Adapted from Linda Scott’s Ben and Me Cyberguide and the San Diego County Office of Education.

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