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Lesson Plan Objectives


Social Studies  




Ben and Me


Lesson Plan Objectives

Lesson Plan Objectives:

l Lesson 1: Who Was Benjamin Franklin, Really?

Objective: Students will be able to identify traits that represent Benjamin

Franklin and then evaluate Internet sites or articles from a

interactive encyclopedia in an effort to judge whether their

identified traits are accurate or false.

l Lesson 2: Words Of Wisdom To Live By Benjamin Franklin

Objective: 1. Students will use critical thinking skills to evaluate 3 of

Benjamin Franklin’s 26 famous Maxims.

2. Students will develop their maxim (words of wisdom) for

young people.

l Lesson 3:I Should Have Thought Of That…Famous Inventions

Objective: 1. Students will research 2 inventions using either the Internet,

multi-media CD-ROM, or classroom books.

2. Student groups will design an invention using the various

forms found on the Group Invention Activity sheet.

3. Students will design individual inventions and create an

explanatory paragraph detailing the necessary information about

their invention.

l Lesson 4: From The Mouse’s Point Of View

Objective: Students will write a short story from Amos’ point of view about

one of Benjamin Franklin inventions not mentioned in Ben and


l Lesson 5:Higher And Higher Flies The Kite

Objective: Students will use appropriate sequencing skills in order construct

a kite that illustrates the appropriate sequence of events that have

occurred in the book and describe what they have learned about

Benjamin Franklin.

l Unit Test: A sample test that can be given at the end of the unit to evaluate

the students’ learning of the material.

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