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– Making a difference

Title – Making a difference

By – Katrina

I too am training to be a teacher. I had a boy with ADHD in my class on my school placement, and yes I had the same problem of my mentor not giving feedback for EVERY lesson I taught. When I spoke to my friends, well, their teachers always did give feedback… I too felt that many times I was not helping the children, but possibly slowing down their learning. Well that was until one day, I was teaching year three and a little boy (“John” who was in the low ability group for everything, yet was a little champ who ALWAYS tried hard to do his best) found “Maths” slowed him down. He just didn’t get how to make change or make groups of money. Well, that was until I used “if your mom gives you 10 pennies, tell me how much more you will need to make 13 pennies.” As he seemed to grasp that each money value equaled a coin he knew, that as he had mastered adding 10’s and 5’s and most importantly 1’s he knew he could do this, but not only could he do it … but he could EXPLAIN it to the other children on the “low ability” table. This helped me realize that yes I was making a difference and I was helping the children in my own way ;o)

I found out that just after my placement “John” was moved to the middle group because of his constant improvement!

I know this story happens to everyone, but it filled me with happiness as I was going through the “am I dedicated enough to go through with a career of this much work?” phase … And I realized I was

next stop ………A FULL GRADUATE



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