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Math Made Fun

Title – Math Made Fun

By – nagaRAJU

    There were days (fifty years ago now) when

    mathematics was my bête noire

    . I dreaded it and as such hated it.

    Then came a new teacher to our village class

    . The first day, he entered the room with huge steps, reached the blackboard in a few seconds, and wrote his name. Some letters were in upper case and some in lower; some were as big as the board itself and some so small that we had to strain our eyes to see them. Some were dark and bold and some were lean and thin.

    As he turned around, the class suddenly became still and silent, trying to make out what it was, and as we read his name, we were all smiling, no laughing out loud. Soon we realized that he had an enduring and perpetual sense of humor and we began looking forward to it.

    The clouds started disappearing, the barriers began crumbling, and the fears commenced evaporating.

    What was dull and drab suddenly became exciting, challenging, interesting and above all simple fun.

    There was some humor added to every sum and there was fun in every problem. Detest turned delight and math became most enjoyable.



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