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Here are some activities for the 100th Day of School




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Title – 100th Day of School Activities
By – Leslie Liss
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-5


      The child will:

        .. demonstrate the ability to count orally and write the numbers 1-100.

        .. demonstrate the ability to count to 100 by 5’s and 10’s.

      .. will use invented spelling to write simple sentences in response to a prompt.


      After reading many books about the 100th day of school and counting the number of school days each day, we will participate in the following activities:
      1. At home each child will glue or tape 100 items to a piece of cardboard or oaktag. Items could be paperclips, Tic Tacs, stickers, hearts, 100-piece puzzle, bows, dots, toothpicks, and many more.
      2. Each child will make a crown that says “I am 100 Days Smarter!” (S)he will list what he/she has learned this year.
      3. The child will write the numbers 1-100 in a 10×10 grid and then match 100 beads to the numbers. Next he/she will make a necklace.
      4. Each child will trace his/her feet and hands and cut them out. On one poster the class will glue their hands and count by 5’s to 100. On a 2nd poster they’ll glue their feet in pairs and count the toes by 10’s.
      5. On separate posters write the following prompts at the top: “I would like to eat 100 ____.”; “I would not like to eat 100 ___.”; “If I had 100 hands, I could ___.”; “If I had $100, I would buy ____.” Have each student add their answers to the posters.
    6. Bring in a variety of healthy snacks – 10 different kinds. Have each child take 10 of each to make 100 snacks.

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