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A Math lesson plan on 2-Dimensional Objects




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Stacey Kenny

Lesson Plan Subject: Math

Lesson Plan Title: Two-dimensional Objects

The lesson plan:



TOPICS – Two-dimensional shapes, and concepts.

GRADE LEVEL – First or Second

OBJECTIVE – After this lesson the students will be able to:
* Identify two-dimensional shapes.
* Give the similarities between two-dimensional shapes.

MATERIALS: Students – geo board
Rubber bands (2)
Paper, for journal
Pencil, for journal
Teacher – chalk board
2 sets of laminated shapes (squares and rectangles)
Shapes with magnets
2 felt boards with shapes


* Lesson-initiating activity – The class will be asked to identify what shapes they see in the classroom. As each shape is mentioned, the teacher will put it on the board so the class has a visual aid. We will be studying two -dimensional shapes first, and concentrating on the square and rectangle for the day.

* Core Activity – The shapes will be on the board and the class will be asked to identify each some similarities and differences between the shapes. Since the class now knows their characteristics, geo boards will be passed out to each student. The class will be instructed to construct their own square and rectangle. They will then share their shapes in small groups because every shape will be a different size. The class will come together to reinforce the shapes and explain why the shapes all do not look identical.

* Closure activity – Each student will be given a shape, a rectangle or a square, this will divide the class in half. Each group will have a teacher or teacher’s aide with them. The groups will have different shapes on a felt board and go up one at a time to make patterns with the shapes.

SOURCE – Stacey Kenny, Florida Atlantic University

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