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This Math lesson is on the 3 types of Angles




5, 6  

Title – The 3 types of angles
By – Takako Jackson
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5th or 6th

Goal: TLW understand the three types of angles.

Objectives: TLW identify the three types of angles.
TLW construct the three types of angles using Popsicle sticks and their body parts.
TLW engage in a concentration match game using geometry terms.

Duration: 1 week (5 days)


Day1———–TLW take notes on the three type of angles (right, obtuse, and acute).

Day 2———TLW review previous notes. As I call out an angle, the students will take their arms and form that type of angle; ex. “Please show me a right angle”-the students use their arms to form a right angle.

***Modification activity—-TLW be given Popsicle sticks, as I call out a type of angle, the students will take their sticks and form that type of angle; ex. “Please show me an obtuse angle”-the students use their Popsicle sticks to form an obtuse angle.

Day 3—–TLW be given pictures of different geometric figures and name cards (parallel lines, perpendicular lines, right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, intersecting lines, etc.) The students will play a game of concentration with the cards, matching the picture with its correct name.

Day 4—–TLW draw a picture or design using at least four acute angles, at least 5 obtuse angles, and at least 3 right angles. TLW trace all the acute angles in red, all obtuse angles in blue, and all right angles in green.

Day 5—-TLW take a multiple choice test on geometric terms, and the three types of angles.

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