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Here is a lesson on adding three numbers together





Title – Adding three numbers
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1st

TLW play a matching game, matching an equation with the sum.
TLW play dice, rolling three dice and adding the numbers rolled.

Material/Arrangements Needed:
dice matching game cards
counters pencil and paper

Introduce the lesson by reviewing the adding of three numbers.
Ask children if they have played Memory.
Have one child explain the game.
Explain the matching game is similar, explaining rules for clarification.
Explain how to play dice.
Have children roll three die and add the numbers they rolled.
Have children write their equation on paper. They may use counters if necessary.
Half the class will play dice while the others play the matching game; after a period of time have them switch games.

Walk around and observe checking the children’s math skills.
Be available for questions.

Ways To Simplify:
Have children use only one or two die adding two numbers.
Have cards with two numbers being added for the matching game.

Ways To Extend:
Have children roll more than three die, adding four or more numbers together.
Do not provide counters.
Have children play the matching game using equations adding a variety of numbers.

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