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This is a two-digit addition lesson






Title – Adding Two-Digits
By – Haya ALnaimi
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1

Qatar standards:
4.   add whole numbers and apply this skill to solving routine and non-routine problems.
4.7 use and explain mental method to add, without crossing the tens boundary, supported by a model such as snap cubes or 100 square.


  • express numbers to 100 as tens and ones by counting.
  • add two-digit numbers (tens and ones).

    Ask children to set on the mat, show them how to model two-digit numbers using snap cubes and tens-and-ones chart.
    Ask volunteer to make 23 and another one to make 15.
    Use cards to show 23 + 15 =
    Ask them to find the total by using the snap cubes.

    Ask them to count by tens starting from 10 to 100.
    Give examples on the overhead projector: 36 + 22 =
    Ask them how many tens and ones are in these numbers.
    Give more examples such as: 40 + 59 =

    Give each group a problem solving worksheet .
    Give each group a white board and pen and ask them to find out the answer, write it and then model it with rods.


  • quick check: how many snap cubes in 5 tens and 3 ones?
  • an individual problem solving worksheet.

    Assessment rubric :

  • The child correctly uses snap cubes to model the numbers and find the answer.
  • The child correctly models the number but makes mistakes in the answer.
  • The child needs guidance to model the number and find the answer.

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