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This is a math lesson on addition and subtraction




3, 4, 5  

TOPIC: Addition and Subtraction


TITLE: “Cross Out Singles”

MATERIALS NEEDED: Partner or small group

One die or a 0 – 9 spinner


1. Each player makes a recording sheet, as shown (fig. A), for a game of three rounds.

2. To begin the gave, on player rolls the die or spins the spinner.

3. All players write the number in a square on their first chart. Once a number is recorded, it cannot be changed.

4. Another player now rolls or spins to generate a number for everyone to record in another square. Take turns rolling or spinning until players have filled all nine squares on their charts.

5. Players then find the sums of the rows, columns, and diagonal, and record them in the respective circles.

6. Players examine their sums. Any sum that appears in only one circle must be crossed out.

7. The total of the sums that are not crossed out is the player’s score for that round

8. Play two more rounds. Then compare totals.


1. Find ways to produce a zero score.

2. Using the numbers 1 to 9 each once, what is the highest score you can get?

3. Discuss strategies for how to place numbers.

SOURCE: Burns, Marilyn. About Teaching Mathematics: A K – 8 Resource . Math

Solutions Publications, USA, 1992.

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